Dickey Staffing Solutions

Finding the BEST Candidates for your Business for Nearly 60 Years.

Dickey Staffing Solutions

Serving the Greater Rockford, IL Area

Finding the BEST Candidates for your Business for Nearly 60 Years.


To ensure you get the best fit employee, each candidate undergoes a detailed selection process before they are eligible for employment. The process consists of six steps:


Each candidate is thoroughly screened by our Service Coordinator to ensure they meet the experience, skill level, and any other important qualifications for the position.


During the interviewing process, we extensively discuss previous employment, knowledge, skills, and abilities. We also ask behavioral-based questions to ensure the candidate has a proven record of success.

Reference checking

Past work history, skills, and other information of our candidates is confirmed as necessary or by request.


Dickey Staffing offers drug screening at no additional charge. We have a wide range of skill-testing available. If you have an internal test you'd like us to make a part of your onboarding we will work with you to make it happen.


To ensure candidates are fully prepared before starting work, they are required to undergo a comprehensive orientation program.


We complete additional background checks through e-Verify to ensure candidate eligibility for employment and track the employees progress with your company.